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Easy Guides To Jewelry Buying

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Avoid Marketing Hype
When Purchasing Diamond Simulants

By Suzan R. Flamm, Esq. of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee

Buyer Beware
Stone Coatings - A Hoax?

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A Foolproof Guide To Choosing
The Perfect Engagement Ring

Not All Synthetic & Simulated
Diamonds Are Created Equal

Why Russian Brilliants® Are
The Best Diamond Simulants

Adjustable Ring Shanks for Swollen Knuckles

Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

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How to Care For Your Russian Brilliants®
Diamond Simulant Jewelry

Earrings:Friction vs Screwback

A Visual Comparison of Diamonds, Diamond
Simulants, Moissanite and Russian Brilliants®

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